In the Winter I...

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

As #Autumn approaches and winter right on our heels I start preparing for my winter projects. Here in Maine the winters can be cold and long which is a perfect time to learn new things and master others.

My agenda will be creating all kinds of new #artwork. I will be taking several #workshops from 2LilOwls, which is where I found my new creative self. I want to try some mixed media projects which will include my #photographs.

I have a huge list of still life stories I want to create. Working on a couple of book ideas and contemplating workshops. Lots of details to work out, but by #spring I will have a better grasp of where I'm heading.

I will be taking some CreativeLive classes too. This is a great source of learning from business to creative to self improvement. All kinds of great classes to choose from!

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