Bartzella Peony

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

The Bartzella Peony is a #Itoh peony also known as a intersectional peony. Which means that this peony is a cross between and herbaceous peony (plants that have no persistent woody stem above ground) and a tree peony (which has woody stems). The #Bartzella #Peony has flowers like the tree peony, but the leaves and stems are herbaceous. The blooms on this peony are huge and gorgeous!

For me I have a hard time processing yellow #flowers. Sometime it works and other not so much.

This one was photographed on a day that was overcast from the rains the night before and the bud looked fantastic with the soft light and #raindrops. I also liked the heart shape that was created at the base of the #flowerbud.

Processing was 2 lil owls still stories preset #40 in #lightroom then in #photoshop I added the texture black screen film2 #20 from 2 Lil Owls.

Next year I hope to get better photos of the Bartzella Peony in full bloom.

Stay in touch!

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