I've been busy working on my still life #projects. I've been practicing still life for a bit now and was having a difficult time creating what I was looking for. I enjoy still life, but wasn't getting the knack of it. I mean just putting a vase of #flowers with a simple backdrop then editing in photoshop using textures wasn't quite what I wanted. Yeah I did get some good photos, but I wasn't getting what I truly wanted. One day while scrolling through my facebook feed I discovered this fantastic photographer/artist Denise Love of 2 Lil Owls. I had collected many of her #textures and enjoy them very much. Going through my facebook feed I discovered she had workshops. I headed over to her website and found she had several workshops I wanted to do. The one I was most interested in well actually 2, but the one I ended up getting first was "Still Stories-Creating Meaningful Still Life Photos" . At first I was hesitant on getting the workshop because of the cost, but when I read the preview, I was hooked and wanted to invest. And boy was it worth it!!! Just the kind of #stilllifephotography I've been wanting to do! And I get to incorporate my love for #antiques and #art!

This is one of my first attempts using some of the props I had collected, a vintage #camera some old books a #photograph of my mom as a kid with her older sister and parents and their dog. Some dried #hydrangeas from the garden and some of the #fabric I dyed. I love how this all came together!

On another note, I'm super excited to be going to the Vintage Bazaar New England at the Cumberland Fairgrounds in #Maine. There is suppose to be over 200 vendors and it's going to be so much FUN! I got the early bird tickets for 8:30am so I can get a head start before they open the gates at 10am. I love #antiquing and I'm hoping to find a bunch of #props for my #stilllifephotography projects. And if I don't get enough this time they will be back in early #October! I'll tell you all about my little adventure next week!

Stay in touch!

I also want to mention that I will be have my annual mid summer sale in July. Subscribe to my email list and be one of the first to know when!

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