About The Artist

My photographic journey began back in the mid-'90s where I had worked at a local aquarium as an exhibit interpreter. When I wasn't interpreting exhibits I would wander about the aquarium photographing. I love learning about marine mammals and my hope was to work as a marine mammal trainer someday. The aquarium dealt with a lot of marine mammals that stranded at nearby beaches. Sometimes I got to help with the care of these animals. I remember one day I had heard there was a rare stranding of a pygmy sperm whale coming to the aquarium. I asked if I could photograph all the different procedures that they performed on this animal. It was an awesome honor and a big opportunity for me. I must have taken dozens of rolls of film (no digital then). Hundreds of photos were developed. I had taken them to the marine mammal supervisor and later I was told they loved the photos and requested many copies and the education department also wanted copies. I was thrilled! I wanted to be the aquarium photographer but they already had one. I continued doing my job as an exhibit interpreter and waiting for a position to open as a marine mammal trainer. Well, the opportunity arose, but my supervisor informed me that I would not get the position because the board of trustees had determined that only persons with a minimum of a bachelor's degree would be considered. I was heartbroken and at the time I didn't realize or know how to get that degree. During that time I was in my 30's and I wasn't even sure where to start if I did go back to college. I was frustrated and didn't know what to do next. If I knew then what I know now I would be at the aquarium as a marine mammal trainer. But life has a way of changing. It wasn't the right path for me to follow. Shortly thereafter I found the Arts Institute of Seattle, where I would spend the next 2 years mastering my craft as a photographer.

I did learn so much, but shortly after graduating with a Commercial Photography Degree I headed back to Connecticut. For years I sat on that degree not knowing what to do with it and how to promote myself.  Back then they didn't have business courses to help get you started. 

I moved to Maine and started to art shows. I did pretty well, but unfortunately, that was also the time of the recession, and money was tight and only the toughest and most experienced photographer held on. Financially I just couldn't do it anymore. After 5 years of trying I had to stop. It was hard, but it was harder trying to make money.

I love photography and I photographed anything I liked. I used to say whatever catches my eye is what I liked to photograph. Flowers, birds, landscapes, Maine scenes, abstracts. I've read many books about how to run a photography business and they all say you should have a niche, except I wasn't quite sure what my niche was. Nature photography, Landscape Photography, Flower Photography, Bird Photography? I would stare at my work and wonder constantly what my niche was. Then I thought Flower Photography since most of my work was floral, but it seemed so generic...I needed to stand out to be different. Sure I could take a great photo and processed it beautifully, but still not there, still not happy with my work.

In 2017 I found Creative Live. It is a website loaded with all kinds of classes for creatives not just for photographers. I signed up for many classes both business and creative. I learned a lot about the business side if nothing else.

It wasn't until I found 2 Lil owls workshops that changed everything!

My photography as I knew it was about to go to a whole new level. I had explored 2 Lil owls websites seeing all things that I loved about photography! I loved her style and it was exactly what I wanted to be as a photographer of course with my twist. I did a lot of thinking before I purchased my first workshop. I watched every minute of that workshop and couldn't wait to start creating. Of course, I had to do some shopping, but it was the best kind of shopping...shopping for antiques! I love antiquing and being able to incorporate antiques into my photographs it was a perfect fit! I also made a lot of props like fabric colors, ribbons colors. I also took her workshop on how to make backdrops, which was a ton of fun to do...I get to be creative in so many ways!

I knew I was on the right track when I saw my first still life photo and I started to cry. I knew at that point I had found my niche. The best part of all of this is I love photography again!

This is just the beginning. Over the past year or so I've been practicing and making a lot of still life photos using lots of antiques and flowers. This year I've been doing some mixed media with my photographs, learning encaustic wax, and revisiting my historic process of cyanotype with the help of 2 Lil owls workshop. I love having the options to use my photos in many different mixed media formats.

Follow me along as I continue my photographic journey and see what else I create.

Oh, and by the way...my niche in this photographic world is “Fine Art Photographer”, specializing in creating artistically beautiful floral and still life photography with a rustic vintage flair.

I've had a long journey with discovering my photographic passion and I love what I have developed and will be developing in the future.

My artistic journey is in honor of my Dad, who passed away before he could truly explore his artistic abilities.

Love you Dad.

My name is Cindi Ressler and I live in the beautiful state of Maine.